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Here’s a quick overview to the SEO Strategy and Planning

Here are some more detailed notes on what your SEO plan needs to involve:

  1. Link Detox
    1. Need a good 5D roadmap
      1. Exponentially more complex than physical roadmap 🙂
    2. So few do the proper research and homework to get this right
    3. Each company has its own unique set of opportunities to max ROI
    4. Devil is in the Details
  2. Keyword Research
    1. 33% max total search volume is in Google Keyword Tool (GKT)
    2. Target long tails and short tails
      1. understand target market
      2. Search National or Big City 1st, then estimate local
      3. Use that brain-thingy you have…what’s it called?
  3. Opportunities Analysis
    1. Heavily dependent on your business, its budget, and its unique situation.
    2. Really need an expert to be able to analyze this properly
      1. Experience actually ranking things
      2. Don’t measure in time
      3. Measure in results
  4. On Page SEO
    1. Beyond basic Title/URL
    2. Site Structure
      1. Huge, huge missed opportunity for most in SEO
  5. Off Page SEO
    1. Most difficult to understand part of the process
    2. Domain Authority thinking vs PageRank thinking
    3. Quality, in Quantity, in the proper sequence
    4. Constant R&D

Let me know if you have any questions.

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