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Creating Engaging Online Content

Here’s a pretty good article over at Quicksprout about creating “visually appealing content”

Below I’ve clipped their massive infographic and added my own comments:


visually appealing content infographic for SEO

Some really good ideas on there.  Despite many people thinking otherwise, you don’t need a ton of text content to get Google and your market’s attention.  I LOVE using videos and images.

Videos are definitely king — which is why I’ve circled it and marked it as #1.  In fact, almost every other form of graphic can be made FROM videos (and more non visual content as well like audio and text).

Video also has more SEO benefits than I can name here in this single post.  Any time a client comes to me and they have a lot of videos on YouTube, I get very excited because it means they’ve already created some valuable, highly leverageble assets that will make SEO for them and me easier and less expensive.

Contact me if you’ve got a lot of YouTube videos and don’t know what to do with them to make money for your business 🙂

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