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How Much Can SEO Grow Your Business?

I’ve created a unique and interesting infographic about what Search Engine Optimization can mean to your business.  You can check it out below.

Some important points from the infographic:

  • Relatively few searchers click on the Ads for Google Adwords.  Many people ignore ads completely for their whole life!
  • 75% of searchers don’t make it to the 2nd page.  I actually think this is a conservative number.  When is the last time you searched and went to the 2nd page?
  • SEO is extremely profitable (when it works)
  • The spoils heavily go to the top spots — getting on the 1st page is often not enough to drive qualified buyers to your website from Google if you have low search volume
  • …several more things…

(It is a very big, high quality image.  I recommend you click and zoom in on it to get full view of all the information. This will give you the full depth and quality of the image)

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