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Creating Engaging Online Content

Here's a pretty good article over at Quicksprout about creating "visually appealing content" Below I've clipped their massive infographic and added my own comments:   Some really good ideas on there.  Despite many people thinking otherwise, you don't need a…

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Quicksprout 2015 SEO Preductions

Decent article that includes Search Engine Optimization considerations: They tend to get SEO very wrong on Quicksprout.  This one wasn't too bad. Here are my notes: "Guest Post Links won't be as effective" so old school already "SEO will…

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Where Blogging Gets you with SEO

Interesting Quicksprout Article that leads me to continues to show that people/businesses that focus exclusively on content marketing, don't really understand SEO.  There is a lot of non-SEO talk in there and I don't feel fully qualified to dismantle his…

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