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I’m a published author on SEO!

SEO Myths and Half Truths was a long time coming. There have been many myths and misunderstandings propagating through the world of SEO (mis)information for years. It is amazing to me that some of them have lasted so long.  That…

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Undying SEO Principles Review

Undying SEO Principles REVIEWED

In December of 2014, I shot a video about the Undying Principles of SEO.  The main idea was that, despite many statements to the contrary, the fundamentals of SEO have not really changed that much over the years and will…

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The Winning SEO Formula

Ranking your website well in the search engines requires different critical pieces of a formula to work.  Without 1 of these pieces you are not likely to rank no matter how good the other pieces are. If you're making bread…

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Social Media Marketing for SEO

Are you or your team members spending time or resources on Social Media Marketing? I guarantee you could be utilizing that time more effectively from an SEO standpoint.  I have yet to see a company that naturally uses their Social…

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Dallas SEO Specialists Vs Generalists

SEO Specialists vs SEO Generalists

Getting a consultant or company that is focused exclusively on Search Engine Optimization to try to rank your website in Google is very important to your search engine marketing success. The spoils go heavily to the victor -- the data…

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AMP Example Page

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the new big Mobile thing with Google.  Mobile is increasing in importance online and AMP pages are wicked fast. They are stripped down pages to their most basic and simplest form to improve the mobile…

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2016 Youtube Seo

Video SEO in 2016

Videos and YouTube continue to be powerful for SEO and Online Marketing in 2016.  Videos are the most engaging form of content.  Google knows this.  That is why they bought YouTube and continue to believe in it. YouTube is also…

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Yellow Pages Littering The Hallway

Yellow Pages Litter

Why does Yellow Pages create so much waste?! Below is the offensive image -- look away if you must! If you spent money with Yellow Pages last year and got nothing, then contact me. More about the Dallas SEO Geek:…

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Law Firm SEO

SEO For Lawyers

Despite being a competitive market for SEO Services, I've had good success making Attorneys a lot of money by driving their target markets to their doors via Organic Traffic. Do you want more clients for your law firm?  Submit a…

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Exponential Examples

Exponential Math and SEO

Non-linearity (numerical data that does not graph as a straight line or "curvy" data) shows up repeatedly in SEO, Internet Marketing, and Business in general.  If you would like to understand these things on a deeper level, then watch the…

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