Mass SEO Misinformation Explanation

Sometimes I’m amazed by the information that is spread around about Search Engine Optimization. I scream, “WHY!?!?!?” in frustration.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to analyze why it happens. This video is a summary of my conclusions: Hopefully that helps. Fun screenshot of me yammering away about SEO: Read more »

SEO is Dying Info Graphic Reboot

Randfish brings up something interesting about the search trend for “SEO” here. Source for Google Searches chart below. As long as there are people searching on the search engines, SEO will exist as a technical discipline.  <— Please read that again! It does look like Google has lost total search volume, so am I concerned?  Not exactly.  Google is losing a little bit of market share here and there.  Even given that, their growth trend is definitely not getting bigger. Really, there’s not a lot of room for growth for Google in Search.  They DOMINATE in almost every other country by getting upwards of 98%+ of the total search volume in big, 1st world countries — Australia, Europe, and more.  In the US, Google “only” has 2/3 of the search market share. Rockefeller would be proud. People love Google.  And they have spoken for a loooong time. Will it last forever? We shall see… I suspect social media sites are replacing some of the places that people start with when they sit down to their computer.  Not good for SEO long term.  However, I believe there are large classes of tasks integrated into society that requires searching algorithms on that thar computer. Search is like electricity and water and cars flying cars. Geeks win again! Read more »

About Me Update — Dallas SEO Geek

I shot the last about me video about 18 months ago.  A lot has changed since then!  My business principles and fundamentals are exactly the same, but my technical abilities are better.  Watch this video to learn more about how things have changed: Here’s a screenshot of the outline that I used in the video: Here’s the previous About me Video: Read more »

Pie Chart SEO Fallacy

Not that ALL pie charts about SEO are bad and not useful (I made some valid ones about On Page SEO). However, this is a common type that I’ve seen many many times by Authorities in SEO: (click image for larger image) Here’s the video where I explain why the monkey is so confused about the Search Engine Optimization metrics: The situation is usually far more complicated than 1 pie chart can explain. Read more »

Quicksprout 2015 SEO Preductions

Decent article that includes Search Engine Optimization considerations: They tend to get SEO very wrong on Quicksprout.  This one wasn’t too bad. Here are my notes: “Guest Post Links won’t be as effective” so old school already “SEO will become harder” Yes, for low adaptability Easier, for high adaptability “Old School link building will be more popular than ever” Maybe true Not true for ME.  I’m getting better at SEO every year, every month, every day. “Social Media Will Become the Cornerstone of Blogging” **Shrug** May or may not be true.  I don’t really care. Social Media is a big part of the plan, but not for the reasons most people think… “Marketing Budgets Will Shift More Creative” This has always been and always will be true “Newspapers will be leveraged more” Don’t know and don’t care “Companies will create software to generate demand” Software is awesome for so many reasons! “We’ll see a demand in conversion optimization” There’s been a demand for a long time.  This is sales. “Marketing tools will become free” I like Free “People will start building their personal brands” Makes Sense Read more »

Why SEO Appears Chaotic

Who do you think will win? I mentioned previously in my Undying SEO Principles post that there are many fundamental SEO principles that have stood the test of time and will for a long time. The situation is more complex than that.  There is a bit of chaos, but it is not in the direction that most people think. Here is the video referenced in the above video: Read more »

Where Blogging Gets you with SEO

Interesting Quicksprout Article that leads me to continues to show that people/businesses that focus exclusively on content marketing, don’t really understand SEO.  There is a lot of non-SEO talk in there and I don’t feel fully qualified to dismantle his opinions there.  However, I know from personal experience that he is very wrong as a whole on what someone needs to know about SEO to succeed today and into 2015 and beyond. That’s OK for those of us who understand that Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are different disciplines.  As a result they are differentiated and then integrated with other systems to maximize profits! His guide is largely an “SEO For Beginner’s Guide” * True, interlinking is very important, but it goes far beyond what is explained on Quicksprout ** True, but this is not applicable to many businesses and is minor when compared to several other bigger factors (Minutia) *** Yes, but you need a marketing system to maximize the power.  Social Media will do well here sometimes too. **** True, but minor compared to other bigger factors (Minutia) Read more »

SEO Strategy

Having the Search Engine Optimization Strategy that best fits your business is absolutely critical to your success. If you’re using the same, run of the mill, plan that everyone else is doing, you probably won’t succeed. In order to understand the fit, you need someone who understand enough to be able to identify many different SEO opportunities.  I’m sure there are some that I’m not aware of because there are hundreds of ways to do SEO.  Yes, hundreds.  But, I can usually identify many very high ROI opportunities if the company has the appropriate search volume to justify the cost. Its pretty fun when you get this right because your SEO is 100,000%+ more effective — no joke! Read more »

YouTube Easy Video Creation and Marketing Example

In order to see how awesome quick and simple videos can be to make, check out this video: That video took me 10 minutes to make…and it was the 1st time I used the software! I’m certain that next time it will take about 5 minutes.   5 minutes to create a valuable piece of online content for SEO and internet marketing in general.  That’s pretty good Here’s a screenshot of the video in case you can’t see the video above: Read more »

Content Marketing is NOT SEO

Rand Fishkin is famous in SEO.  His company, Moz, has done some really cool things, but their general message is missing a huge piece of the puzzle. Here’s a really good, technically correct article he wrote about how SEO doesn’t change as much as people think — something that I agree with very strongly.  I just shot a video about undying SEO principles last post.  I made that before reading Rand’s article, so its not a response to his.  The meat of the content is very different. While his main path… (click pic for enlargement) …Does actually work, it is only 1 of many, not necessarily mutually exclusive options available to a business when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.  Here’s the real kicker: to most businesses content marketing either makes no sense at all or it is the most expensive with the possible least return over the next 12 months. Content marketing is a method that works well with SEO, but each company has its own set of unique SEO opportunities.  There’s not just 1 SEO technique that works best for EVERYONE.  There are hundreds of unique paths a business can take with SEO and content marketing is just one of those paths. Some companies, for example, I can get big traffic within just a few weeks after we make changes.  This opportunity is not available for anywhere near 100% of companies, but when it is available, it is awesome for everyone.  Its not Black Hat as many would assume.  It doesn’t break any of Google’s rules.  This is 1 path/technique and it is not mutually exclusive to many of the other techniques out there. The statement I would make is that Content Marketing for the purposes of SEO is a terrible business decision for most companies.  There are simply too many better, more reliable marketing methods.  Now, this can be true of SEO as a whole.  SEO is not for every business. Let’s compare content marketing vs a few other forms of marketing available to businesses: This is just 1 common example for 1 company.  Different companies have different numbers, but a few things remain pretty fixed — cost and reliability.  Content marketing is very expensive and it doesn’t work for a lot of companies no matter how long they do it.  One of the exceptions is that there are some companies that are creating content already or who have the skills already in place to create good content.  Then, the effective costs added could be very low.  It still doesn’t mean its the best path, but its a step in the right direction. Furthermore, I’m not limiting my business estimations to just SEO Marketing or even Internet Marketing.  I love Direct Mail.  You can get a very fast return on your money with this method.  I think its powerful for many businesses — hence the loads of junk mail you get…some of which you actually look at, right?  I know I do.  Direct Mail is inexpensive and […] Read more »

SEO Company vs SEO Consultant

The following video best describes my feelings about SEO Companies and Consultants! Which kind of Search Engine Optimization service provider do you think is best for your business? Personally, I think its an easy choice if your goal is to use your website to rank higher on Google, Bing, and Yahoo to make you more money!  But, I’m biased Call me at 214-504-3848 today to discuss. Read more »

Don’t Throw Away Another Marketing Dollar! 7 Things You Must Know Before You Buy SEO

SEO vs PPC vs Social Media, Gorillas, Bunnies, Google’s Brain, SEO “Experts”, and SEO Consultants About 90% of the business owners I talk to have a story of paying money to an SEO Service Provider or another type of Internet Marketer and getting little to no results.  This is often not just small amounts of money, but vast sums of money that resulted in zero dollars back in their pocket. (To be fair, this is not just true for internet marketing.  Did you know that Yellow Pages still charges LARGE amounts of money to have an ad in your phone book that will just make you a target of cold calls?) I know of multiple businesses who paid thousands of dollars for Search Engine Optimization and didn’t even sniff the first page of the search results.  I’ve seen businesses pay a small amount for basically empty services that provide no value — this is very common.  I’ve seen people being promoted a whole list of services that actually does stuff, so it seems great on the surface…but it doesn’t result in any extra revenue into their pocket.  There are so many ways to waste your money. I hate to see this happen to anybody!  It can actually take a business down by trapping cash flow that is critical to the business running.  It really bothers me to see quality businesses providing a valuable service to their community go down in flames because they were dazzled into buying the latest goobledidad that would improve their online somethingorother or they bought SEO Services from a Dallas SEO Firm who…either isn’t able to take care of them or doesn’t care enough to take care of them. I totally understand why most business owners are highly skeptical of so called “Dallas SEO Experts.”  You should be skeptical!  You are getting calls, emails, snail mailings, texts, faxes, and carrier pigeons every week with different messages saying they have the latest technical solution for marketing your business online.  The amount of conflicting messages is staggering.  Also, if you are like most business owners or managers, you’ve gotten run over on the information super highway! You have a lot to lose…Your business…Your financial future…All your hard work…Down the drain.  I understand.  And I empathize with your situation.  Don’t let it happen to you. I’m a complete SEO Geek that wakes up thinking about SEO, goes to sleep thinking about SEO, thinks about SEO when my wife is talking to me…I need to work on that last one. Please, please, please, PLEASE read this short list to help protect yourself.  Even if you don’t end up contacting me or you only use this as a test to see if someone who is quoting you is legit, then that’s great.  I’m happy.  I’ve saved some precious dollars from going from a business that provides a valuable service to a business that does not provide a valuable service. (1) What Exactly Is Your Market Searching — AKA Keyword Research This step […] Read more »

Dallas SEO Geek — The Dallas SEO Consultant That Provides Results

SEO With Integrity Contact Me for a Free Online Presence Analysis Buying Dallas SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services can be risky.  You will spend a good amount of money and I’ve heard of a lot of cases where that money just went down the drain.  It doesn’t have to be that way! Look around my site and you’ll begin to understand how you can provide a highly positive Return On Investment (ROI) for your company through Internet Marketing. I will explain to you SEO basics if you want. For me, this  actually makes you a better customer because you can understand the value I’m providing to your business. For others, it gives you protection against the BS that they will try to sell you as valuable, but, in the end, does not help your business. Why Should You Buy Dallas SEO Services? Search Engine Optimization can be a HUGE boon to your business.  It can drive a ton of customers to your door.  When done correctly, it is far less expensive than the easy options like paying for ads — online or offline. SEO allows you to tap into a market out there that is already searching for your products and services.  We can see exactly what your market is searching for and how many times a month.  Then, once you get visitors to your site, we can track them in a much more detailed fashion than any other type of marketing.  We can study the path they take through their site in order to improve the effectiveness of your sales process. Furthermore, search engine optimization is one of the critical pieces of an internet marketing puzzle allows you to tap into some extremely efficient marketing tools.  For example, email marketing can be completely automated and can give you amassive boost in your conversion rate of online and offline prospects. Why Should You Hire Me To Help You With Your Internet Marketing? First and foremost, I have Integrity.  I’m constantly trying to serve my customer better and I have turned away people from buying my search marketing services when I thought it wouldn’t be profitable for them. I get stories of unethical internet marketers every stinking week.  Almost everyone I talk to tells me a story of how they got taken trying out SEO services.  Some businesses have multiple examples of being taken advantage of by multiple SEO companies! My business philosophy does not involve taking as much money from you as possible as quickly as I can.  That is no way to build a long term business. We all know this, yet there are many out there not looking after their customers’ needs first.  This short-term philosophy is bad business. Thinking about the long term interests of my customers is in my interests.  I always, always, always try to provide my customers with a really good ROI on the money they spend on me.  I’ve even taken a loss on a project just to ensure that my customer came […] Read more »