The Top 3 (by far) On Page SEO Factors

Many people in the Search Engine Optimization industry want to make On Page SEO far more complicated than it needs to be for 95%+ of businesses.

There 3 factors that, by themselves, account for the vast majority of what causes a page to rank (when not considering Off Page SEO as a factor).

Watch this video:

Contact me if you want to know how this fits into your own SEO project(s).

What does a well rounded and high quality SEO Project look like?

What does a well rounded and high quality SEO Project look like?

I’ve created a video for how I view most SEO projects — the pieces involved in high quality, long lasting Search Engine Optimization.

Above is what I said.

Below is what I was thinking.

SEO Project Management

Got to put those robots in their place!

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How Long Does SEO Take?

Every week, sometimes every day or multiple times in a day, I get asked, “How long until I see results from SEO?”

The answer to this question is complicated and depends heavily on many factors.

I think this video will clear up this question…or it will confuse you more :)

If you have any questions about your specific situation and how long it will take, please contact me.

Don’t build an SEO House out of Popsicle sticks!

SEO Expectations

Creating Engaging Online Content

Here’s a pretty good article over at Quicksprout about creating “visually appealing content”

Below I’ve clipped their massive infographic and added my own comments:


visually appealing content infographic for SEO

Some really good ideas on there.  Despite many people thinking otherwise, you don’t need a ton of text content to get Google and your market’s attention.  I LOVE using videos and images.

Videos are definitely king — which is why I’ve circled it and marked it as #1.  In fact, almost every other form of graphic can be made FROM videos (and more non visual content as well like audio and text).

Video also has more SEO benefits than I can name here in this single post.  Any time a client comes to me and they have a lot of videos on YouTube, I get very excited because it means they’ve already created some valuable, highly leverageble assets that will make SEO for them and me easier and less expensive.

Contact me if you’ve got a lot of YouTube videos and don’t know what to do with them to make money for your business :)

Example of Massive Profit Potential of SEO

Here’s a situation I ran into recently that shows what SEO can be for a company:

high value seo example

Their market potential goes well into the millions of dollars of revenue every year. The amount of visitors they’ve lost is about 55k/m or 660k/year! And, their market is so big online that what they had before is tiny compared to what is possible.

These are no small value visitors. This is a national e-commerce site that sells many expensive items over $1,000. So, the value of a single sale is very high.

I’m also aware of a company that makes a whopping $70 million/year with 2 sites with just SEO. Great stuff. Can’t say I’m too surprised.

Ode to Google and Other Search Engines

Sometimes it is useful to remind ourselves what Google and, to a lesser degree, other search engines have done for society as a whole.

Ode to Google and Search Engines

The amount of information that immediately available to us is staggering compared to 20 or 40 years ago. This isn’t double. No, its not 10x. Frankly, I don’t know an exact number. I suspect it is somewhere between 100,000x and trillions or more. Hard to say exactly. Either way you look at it, it is a REALLY BIG NUMBER even if you bought every encyclopedia in existence at the time and had it near you.

Google gets a lot of (deserved) credit because before they came along the search results were really bad and ridiculously easy to manipulate.

Google had 1 concept that they executed very well that changed the world forever. The internet is a popularity contest to Google. The more people (websites) that like you (link to you) the more other people (Google) like you (send you organic traffic).

Essentially, they were the 1st to really take a good, deep look at the linking landscape of the internet as a whole. This is still fundamental to their algorithm today. They do some parts a little differently, but the core is close to the same as nearly 20 years ago.

Is Google worth their $650 Billion market capitalization to society? Sounds about right to me!

Thanks be to our Search Engine Overlords!

SEO is Dying Info Graphic Reboot

Randfish brings up something interesting about the search trend for “SEO” here.

Source for Google Searches chart below.

SEO is Dying Inaccurate Infographic

As long as there are people searching on the search engines, SEO will exist as a technical discipline.  <— Please read that again!

It does look like Google has lost total search volume, so am I concerned?  Not exactly.  Google is losing a little bit of market share here and there.  Even given that, their growth trend is definitely not getting bigger.

Really, there’s not a lot of room for growth for Google in Search.  They DOMINATE in almost every other country by getting upwards of 98%+ of the total search volume in big, 1st world countries — Australia, Europe, and more.  In the US, Google “only” has 2/3 of the search market share.

Rockefeller would be proud.

People love Google.  And they have spoken for a loooong time.

Will it last forever?

We shall see…

I suspect social media sites are replacing some of the places that people start with when they sit down to their computer.  Not good for SEO long term.  However, I believe there are large classes of tasks integrated into society that requires searching algorithms on that thar computer.

Search is like electricity and water and cars flying cars.

Geeks win again!

About Me Update — Dallas SEO Geek

I shot the last about me video about 18 months ago.  A lot has changed since then!  My business principles and fundamentals are exactly the same, but my technical abilities are better.  Watch this video to learn more about how things have changed:

Here’s a screenshot of the outline that I used in the video:

About Dallas SEO Geek Update InfoGraphic

Here’s the previous About me Video:

Pie Chart SEO Fallacy

Not that ALL pie charts about SEO are bad and not useful (I made some valid ones about On Page SEO).

However, this is a common type that I’ve seen many many times by Authorities in SEO:

SEO Factors Pie Chart Fallacy(click image for larger image)

Here’s the video where I explain why the monkey is so confused about the Search Engine Optimization metrics:

The situation is usually far more complicated than 1 pie chart can explain.

Quicksprout 2015 SEO Preductions

Decent article that includes Search Engine Optimization considerations:

They tend to get SEO very wrong on Quicksprout.  This one wasn’t too bad.

Here are my notes:

  1. “Guest Post Links won’t be as effective”
    1. so old school already
  2. “SEO will become harder”
    1. Yes, for low adaptability
    2. Easier, for high adaptability
  3. “Old School link building will be more popular than ever”
    1. Maybe true
    2. Not true for ME.  I’m getting better at SEO every year, every month, every day.
  4. “Social Media Will Become the Cornerstone of Blogging”
    1. **Shrug** May or may not be true.  I don’t really care.
    2. Social Media is a big part of the plan, but not for the reasons most people think…
  5. “Marketing Budgets Will Shift More Creative”
    1. This has always been and always will be true
  6. “Newspapers will be leveraged more”
    1. Don’t know and don’t care
  7. “Companies will create software to generate demand”
    1. Software is awesome for so many reasons!
  8. “We’ll see a demand in conversion optimization”
    1. There’s been a demand for a long time.  This is sales.
  9. “Marketing tools will become free”
    1. I like Free
  10. “People will start building their personal brands”
    1. Makes Sense

Why SEO Appears Chaotic

Who do you think will win?

Archer vs Tank SEO analogy

I mentioned previously in my Undying SEO Principles post that there are many fundamental SEO principles that have stood the test of time and will for a long time.

The situation is more complex than that.  There is a bit of chaos, but it is not in the direction that most people think.

Here is the video referenced in the above video:

Where Blogging Gets you with SEO

Interesting Quicksprout Article that leads me to continues to show that people/businesses that focus exclusively on content marketing, don’t really understand SEO.  There is a lot of non-SEO talk in there and I don’t feel fully qualified to dismantle his opinions there.  However, I know from personal experience that he is very wrong as a whole on what someone needs to know about SEO to succeed today and into 2015 and beyond.

That’s OK for those of us who understand that Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are different disciplines.  As a result they are differentiated and then integrated with other systems to maximize profits!

10 years blogging SEO Results by Quicksprout

His guide is largely an “SEO For Beginner’s Guide”

* True, interlinking is very important, but it goes far beyond what is explained on Quicksprout

** True, but this is not applicable to many businesses and is minor when compared to several other bigger factors (Minutia)

*** Yes, but you need a marketing system to maximize the power.  Social Media will do well here sometimes too.

**** True, but minor compared to other bigger factors (Minutia)

SEO Strategy

Having the Search Engine Optimization Strategy that best fits your business is absolutely critical to your success.

If you’re using the same, run of the mill, plan that everyone else is doing, you probably won’t succeed.

In order to understand the fit, you need someone who understand enough to be able to identify many different SEO opportunities.  I’m sure there are some that I’m not aware of because there are hundreds of ways to do SEO.  Yes, hundreds.  But, I can usually identify many very high ROI opportunities if the company has the appropriate search volume to justify the cost.

Its pretty fun when you get this right because your SEO is 100,000%+ more effective — no joke!

YouTube Easy Video Creation and Marketing Example

In order to see how awesome quick and simple videos can be to make, check out this video:

That video took me 10 minutes to make…and it was the 1st time I used the software!

I’m certain that next time it will take about 5 minutes.   5 minutes to create a valuable piece of online content for SEO and internet marketing in general.  That’s pretty good :)

Here’s a screenshot of the video in case you can’t see the video above:

YT Video SEO and Marketing Example