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  • When Will SEO Die?


    Have you ever read an article about why SEO is dying?  I know I have read too many to count. I shot a video describing when I think Search Engine Optimization will die and why: The gist of what I say in the video is that you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for SEO to […]


  • Google’s Quality Site Patent


    Here is an interesting article about one of Google’s patents that deals with determining the quality of a site for ranking in the Organic results.  It talks about Paid Search as well. Here’s an outline of how they interpret it: I’m not sure if that makes any sense to you, but it sure is a […]


  • Is my 6 month old “Undying SEO Principles” still valid?


    I just re-watched this old video of mine talking about undying or core search engine optimization concepts or principles: I have grown in my SEO abilities a great amount in the last 6 months, but all of these have held true and appear to be holding true for a long time to come! If you […]


  • Most Effective SEO Tactics


    In the following video, I answer the common question: What are the most effective/powerful/expedient/wonderful SEO Techniques? Here’s a screenshot: Hint, it starts with the simple, but powerful On Page SEO basics: Just like many other disciplines, the fundamentals of organic search engine optimization are critical!



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SEO Consulting

Break down the positives and negatives of SEO Consultants vs SEO Companies. Neither one is for every company.

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Penalty Recovery

Has your site been penalized by Google? I’ve been successful in bringing back sites that were penalized. It can be brought back in a lot of cases in 7 days or less!

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Local SEO

Over half of the businesses I talk to have a story of paying someone money and getting zero return. The good news is that if you have the right mindset and take the right steps that I'll show you then eventually you will succeed.

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I've given great results to many companies. Check out what just a few people have said about me below:
“David took my site from zero rankings within the 1st 10 pages to top 3 in Google for most of our target searches. We’re even #1 for many of those searches!”

— Dr. A. — Owner of Multiple Chiropractic Clinics
“David provided me with big increases in my rankings in Google across many search phrases my target customers are searching. I’m going to divert more of my marketing budget to SEO with him. Thanks!”

— Curtis C. — Carpet Cleaning Company Owner
“We recently began using the service for one of our clients. In just under 2 months, all three of the keywords we targeted were coming up on the first page of Google. Previously they weren’t doing better than page 15 of Google.”

— Robert Bates
“Awesome! My site jumped up the search engine ladder and is getting more organic, targeted traffic now. I couldn’t recommend this service higher!”

— Jake Nelson


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